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'Malouine's Memories of Blue'
Born: 24-11-2006

Sire: Sea Dreamers Follow the Wind
Dame: Malouine's Aphrodite's Child       

Co-owner: Jan Warmenhoven

Photo 3 years

Photo 3 years

Sea Dreamers Follow the Wind Mallicot best Dressed Man Gerian Sunset
Sandalpark Shalotte at Mallicot
Sea Dreamers Moment in Time Silvermoors Highland Chief
Underworld von Dikalie
Malouine's Aphrodites Child Ch. Malouine's On a Threshold of a Dream Brilyn Black Inspiration
Malouine's Candle in the Wind
Malouine's Dark Side of the Moon Royal Bodyguard of Slatestone
Ch. Malouine's My Melancholy Blues



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